What's Trending: 3 Ways to Support Women

Modeled after an old fashioned chain letter, women supporting women #womensupportingwomen was the hotness on Instagram over the weekend. I received an insta message from a friend who nominated me to post a black and white photo of myself and privately nominate another 10 women. By this morning, there are tens of thousands of beautiful photographs of women.

How Can Women Support Other Women?

Believe that we live together in a land of good and plenty. There are enough resources to support talent and good ideas.

Promote Other Women by Saying Good Things About Women

Women are experts at promoting men. From junior high on, talking about boys comes dangerously close to being a hobby. We buy their music, we watch them at the box office, and we use their products and services. They get us to market for them. And now, we do it for free on social media. Let's promote what we admire about other women as much as we talk about what we love (or hate) about men. Our word of mouth is the highest form of endorsement and promotion.

Support Women Who Aren't Already Famous

Most talented people will never be rich or famous. Still, they need sales and engagement to keep creating and building their careers and businesses. Let's pay attention to women making moves. Let's follow them, look at what they're trying to build and see if we can help, even just by sharing posts. We already know about the stars. Social media shouldn't live only to reinforce them. Social media should expand the universe of what's possible for everyone.

Focus on Achievement Not on Winning

The drive to win overshadows and frustrates what could amount to meaningful collaboration and inspiration. The drive to win often causes people to feel less about what they have to offer. Sometimes, the truth is that we're not the best. We aren't the hardest working or most sacrificial. Sometimes we won't win. Collaboration is the antidote to the limitless field of competition in the drive to win. With collaboration, everyone can be positioned to contribute and reach a goal. Most big wins are a result of group collaboration.

Instead, of viewing another woman as the competition you need to beat, view her as a sister, muse, teacher or collaborator to mutually inspire and empower.

My Instagram post this morning:

A little less gossip

A little less envy

A little more forgiveness

A little more esteeming

Go a long way...


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