Five Ways to Empower Your Vision Board

Over Christmas, our family gathered outside for a socially distanced, outdoor, vision board making session. When I returned home to Nashville, I placed my vision board on the wall facing my desk so it would be front and center every day. I noticed, however, that the vision boards belonging to the other members of my household were nowhere in sight. I wondered if Spencer and the boys had thrown them away. Was I the only one in my household who believed in vision boards?

I thought back to the beginning of 2020, when I had laid a stack of catalogs and magazines on the dining room table and announced to the boys that they would be making vision boards to visualize what they wanted to accomplish for the year. Not surprisingly, they weren't that into it, so it was a quick project. The boys didn't know it then, but I reminded them today, that vision boards work.

How Vision Boards Work

For example, our eldest son, Brenden, included just two goals on his board last year (there was a lot of white space): to learn how to cook and to get more sleep. He achieved them both, though with graduation behind him, no job yet and school part-time online, I can't say that the latter was much of a feat. As for Brenden's goal of learning how to cook, his vision board worked just as intended. Brenden's vision board remained in the dining room all year long propped up against the back of the sofa which divides the room (I realize that most moms would've told him to take it upstairs, but I'm new to this).

About a month later, I decided to order a meal delivery service. I didn't consciously subscribe to the service because of Brenden's vision board goal of learning how to cook. In my mind, I was simply finding a way to minimize trips to the grocery store during the pandemic. But soon, I began to ask the boys to cook the meals, and eventually Brenden began to volunteer to cook. As it turns out, Brenden has accomplished his 2020 goal of learning how to cook because he was able to follow the instructions that came with the meals. He's done a fantastic job cooking delicious meals three nights per week.

Here's the thing: the entire family saw Brenden's vision board each time we sat together at the dining room table over an entire year. Was it Brenden's vision board that seeped into my subconscious mind encouraging me to try a meal delivery service again? I'm not sure, but the presence of his board sure did remind me to ask him to cook the dinners instead of cooking them myself. It was a win-win for parents and teen. Spencer and I had a hot meal ready after work, and Brenden is now exploring the idea of working in the hospitality industry.

The Purpose of Vision Boards

Vision boards are not magic. They're visual reminders of our goals. We're more likely to achieve our goals if we keep them front and center in our lives. This is the reason new year's resolutions fail. We have to decide what we want (don't be overwhelmed trying to decide what you want for the rest of your life rather focus on what you want for the right here and now) and keep the goals within sight to achieve them. Here's how to make your 2021 vision board work for you.

5 Ways to Empower Your Vision Board

  1. A vision board only works if you believe in it. Be aspirational but smart and specific. What good things can you believe you'll accomplish this year. Yes, you might win $1M, but how about focusing on the work you'd like to perform to move you closer to your goal of financial freedom?

  2. You should post your vision board where family and friends can see it. They'll subconsciously, or consciously go to work on your behalf. You can always make a second board that's private for yourself, if you prefer.

  3. Make sure that your board is neat and the goals are clear, not cluttered. Your board can be about your professional pursuit or just a general feeling you want to have for your life. It can be about service activities, entrepreneurship, love, or family.

  4. Visit your board daily, first thing in the morning and again at night before you go to bed. The more often you see it, the more your subconscious mind will go to work offering insight and creativity on how to achieve your goals.

  5. Include a photo of yourself on the board. This is a constant reminder that the board is not just full of good things, but it's full of good things that are destined for you.



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